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Achieve. Succeed. Enhancing your Ability to Succeed

Dublin  |  November 22  |  2017

Wynn’s Hotel, 35-39 Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1

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About this event

The What I Know Inspire Series is a conference like no other in Ireland. Building on the popular What I Know Now iTunes Podcast, the WIKN Conference goal is to allow you to achieve your goals sooner by learning from the insights and hindsight of inspirational and successful people in Ireland.

In this first of three sessions, you will learn how to overcome a lack of clarity, increase your confidence and build a collaborative network to achieve your goals sooner.

Why was the session created?

From interviewing and working with people from all walks of life over the last decade, Mark Kelly started to notice a pattern. The pattern is the lack of clarity people feel in an era of constant notifications and messages. There has never been a time of so much data and information but people feel lost, anxious and unaware of the next move to make. People have the talent and ability to achieve their highest purpose. However, a lack of confidence and support network is holding them back.

In response to this, we have put together a two-hour inspirational event that will get you clear on your personal and business goals and the HOW you are going to get there.

We are delighted to announce that we have Shane Cradock and Pat Slattery two of the most inspirational Success coaches in the country to share their insights and hindsight’s with you that will take you through an immersive experience to help you get crystal clear on what your goals are and how to achieve them through the support of others.

Mark Kelly will share with you how you can connect and collaborate with people to fast-track your career through building meaningful relationships.


Mark Kelly

Career Consultant

Mark will share with you with his proven formula how to grow a network, build meaningful relationships and achieve your goals in less time and have more fun along the way

Shane Cradock

CEO Coach

Shane will share with you some of the life-changing insights he has discovered through his own life and from his real-world experience of helping CEOs

Pat Slattery

Business Mentor

Pat will share how to strategize for your business and you will get specialised tips on how to take your business to the next level


Wynn’s Hotel
35-39 Abbey Street Lower
Dublin 1
Ireland – D01 C9F8

Format of the Conference

  • 6:00 pm Introduction.
  • 6:10 pm Shane Cradock: Blind Spots: The Top Mistakes Made In Trying To Achieve Balanced Success.
  • 6:35 pm Pat Slattery
  • 7:00 pm Mark Kelly – How to achieve your goals 10 times faster via your network.
  • 7:30 pm Live What I Know Now Podcast Interview with a special guest.

Wynn's Hotel,Dublin

November 22, 2017 @18:00

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