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In this short video we’ll be speaking with Barry Wyse the VP Of Engineering at Dimension Data

Barry is the VP Of Engineering at Dimension Data and runs the Cloud Computing Team in Dublin. Barry Graduated from University College Cork and received a Masters from UCD. Barry has worked in a variety of roles from software developer through to VP Of Engineering with Start Up’s, Up Starts and large multinationals such as AOL within Dublin and Silicon Valley.

In this short video Barry Wyse the VP Of Engineering @ Dimension Data & Mark Kelly discuss:

*The importance of having a positive mindset & how to overcome challenging days
*Mark’s and Barry’s Morning Ritual
*Mark’s Positive Journal & how he added 3000 entries in 3 years
*Celebrating the micro wins
*The Book The One Thing by Gary Keller and the impact it made to Mark’s life

mentioned in this episode:

  • The One Thing By Gary Keller No 1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller
  • The Morning Ritual

Mark's Morning Ritual

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