Ex-tennis professional and Richard Branson’s tennis coach James Cluskey would offer his 18-year-old self two pieces of advice if he met up for a coffee with him today.

The first thing he would say is to keep doing what he loves in playing tennis. It is always good advice to work towards what your passionate about and enjoy doing.

However at the same time, James would tell his younger self to look after his body some more. You don’t feel it when your young but put in those extra few hours in training to keep yourself in good shape for much longer.

The second piece of advice he would tell him would be to study the game a little more and look up to those role models in what ever area you want to work in.

Read more about your field of study, look at those at the top and see how they approach things to get results. Learn and grow from their experiences to motivate to to one day reach their level of success.

What advice would you offer to your 18-year-old self?


James Clsukey is a retired professional tennis player having played for Ireland in Davis Cup  and is also the tennis coach for Sir Richard Branson.

In my podcast with James earlier this month, we discuss his playing days, making the transition from tennis player to businessman, how he became Richard’s tennis coach and what he learned from him.

You can listen to James podcast here, while you can read my key learns to take away from James’ podcast at this link.

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