Don’t Rush into Anything.

Today’s advice comes from Founder and Managing Director of ClearStory James McCann, who would offer two pieces of advice to his younger self.

The first would be not to rush into anything. It is important to visualise your future, set yourself goals and figure out what path is the right choice for you.

Even if things don’t work out the way you hope, there is still plenty of time to work out what career you are most passionate about. It is never too late to achieve your goals.

The second piece of advice James would offer to his younger self would be to surround yourself with the people you want to become.

Find those successful people in the area you want to work towards and talk to them. Get their experience and knowledge to motivate and help you become the person you want to become.

What advice would you offer to your 18-year-old self?


James McCann is a former PR and Media campaign manager with Websummit and set up his own business ClearStory in July 2017 to help promote small businesses.

I shared his really interesting podcast just last week on his “meandering road” journey to now from joining the army, to getting involved in politics to setting up his own business just last month.

You can listen to James podcast here, while you can read my key learns to take away from James’ podcast at this link.

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