“Believe in yourself and bet on yourself”

If Owen Fitzpatrick, Globetrotting Psychologist could sit down with his 18-year-old self this morning he would offer him a few pieces of advice, including to believe in yourself.

When it comes to deciding what career path is right for you or there is something you want to do, trust your gut. Believe in your own ability and don’t let anything get in your way of achieving success.

Any goal will have it’s challenges along the way but if they were too easy, what would you learn about yourself? Sometimes your goals are meant to scare you to make you a much stronger person.

Another piece of advice Owen would offer to his younger self is to care less what other people think of you. Don’t let the opinions of random people hold you back.

The final thing Owen offers is to experience as much as you can. Always be open to new ideas and look at things from other peoples perspective. Listen and learn from them.

What advice would you share with your 18-year-old self?


Owen is a globetrotting Psychologist who has worked in 28 countries across the globe coaching the likes of Billionaires and Olympic Athletes. He is also written six books and hosted his own TV show on RTÉ called ‘Not Enough Hours.’

In the interview, we discuss Owen’s battle with depression in his teenage years, how he became involved with the Irish Institue of NLP, his very unique TEDx talk and much more.

You can listen to Owen’s podcast at this link and read my blog on key learns to take away from his interview here.

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