“Optimise your energy and you can optimise your life”

If Doug Gordon could meet up with his 18-year-old self and offer him one piece of advice today, he would tell him to live a life that is all about LOVE (Lots of Vibrant Energy).

There are three key components to live a life of vibrant energy, with the first being to look after your body. Exercise every day, eat good healthy food and get proper rest.

The second point Doug offers to his younger self is to stop worrying about the past, don’t think too much about the future and live in the moment.

The third piece of advice he offers is to look after your soul through meditation. Lots of successful people meditate to help keep them focused on their goals and live a stress free life.

Start thinking positively and it will give you the determination and energy you need to reach your goals. This paves the way for success and to fulfill your destiny.

What advice would you share with your 18-year-old self?


Doug has worked for 20 years in the Investment world working his way up from dealer, to sales support, to sales, to head of sales. After a near death experience in 2012, he came back with a gift of healing and a passion to help and serve others.

He trained to become a certified mindfulness and meditation coach and also founded DDG Performance Optimisation, where he delivers keynote speaking and workshops to help people optimise their performance in business and in life.

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