“Be Yourself”

If Pat Divilly could share one piece of advice with his 18-year-old self this morning, he would tell him to be yourself and stop trying to copy other people too much.

While it is important to surround yourself with successful people and have role models to look up to, you don’t have to do everything the same way as them.

When Pat was younger, he thought everything had to be done the same way but then realised that you should not be afraid to try things differently.

He would also tell his younger self to lead from the heart and trust your gut. He always had the goal to work in fitness and while there were tough challenges along the way, he never gave up.

Pat was always passionate about fitness and today, he runs a very successful business. Pat’s success came from keeping up the hard work and being true to himself.

What advice would you share with your 18-year-old self?


Pat Divilly is an Author, Speaker & Transformation Coach who has expanded his own business from training just five people on his local beach to have 20,000 go through his online training programs.

In the podcast, we discuss some of the challenges Pat has faced in his journey to now, the importance of mindset and skillsets, some of the charity work Pat has been involved with and much more.

You can listen to Pat’s podcast at this link and read the key learns to take away from his interview here.

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