“Trust your instinct”

If “The Pitch Doctor” Paul Boross could meet up with his 18-year-old self and share a coffee with him this morning, he would offer him two pieces of advice.

The first piece of advice would be to trust your instinct. Your gut feeling is nearly always right, so trust your gut and follow in life what you are passionate about.

If something feels right, trust your heart and don’t overthink things too much. Don’t talk yourself out of it and end up regretting the things you did not do.

The second thing he would tell him would be to Listen more. Paul’s father used to tell him “God gave you two ears and one mouth in that ratio for a reason.”

You should listen twice as more as you talk. Listen attentively to what another person has to say to you. You can learn so much from the conversations you have with other people.

What advice would you share with your 18-year-old self?


Paul is the ‘The Pitch Doctor’, Keynote Speaker and Trainer. He was worked with many high profile business leaders, sport stars, politicians and celebrities who need to deliver presentations at conferences, to boards and to the media.

In the podcast, we discuss how the words you say become your reality, similarties between psychology and his time spent as a comedian, plus much more to come in the second half of his podcast.

You can listen to the first part of Paul’s podcast here. Stay tuned for the second part of Paul’s podcast coming later today.

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