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Welcome to episode 61 of Ask Mark, where I answer your questions about personal development to help you become the best version of yourself.

From interviewing people from all walks of life on the What I Know Now podcast, I want to share with you what I have learned from my guests by answering any questions you have about personal development, networking and building meaningful relationships. The aim of Ask Mark is to help you achieve your goals sooner and stand on the shoulders of giants.

I would love to hear your questions so please head to wikn.co/askmark where you can either fill out the form or record your question for me. You can also drop me your questions in the comments box or on social media in the links below.

Now sit back, plug in those headphones and enjoy because it is time to learn together about personal development, networking, building meaningful relationships and much more.



In today’s episode, I offer three pieces of advice on how you can throw your very own networking dinner party to get to know your contacts better and build meaningful relationships.

Remember you’re on a mission to send everyone home happier. Do it right by add valuing to your guests and the evening could possibly open up new opportunities for you.

The first thing is to know who to invite. It helps build cohesiveness during the dinner to have a unifying bond among the invitees. If you’ve chosen right, your guests should be taking an interest in each other and it should make for a great evening.

Ths second thing to do is to make sure the food is ready in advance. Know what your guests would like to eat and have them prepared. You want to be at the table with your guests and not stuck in the kitchen the entire evening.

The third piece of advice is to keep the conversation flowing. Make sure there is no one being left out and if disagreements occur, you might want to change the topic. It is your party, so it is your job to keep people connecting.

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