Mark Kelly interviews Barry Wyse VP of Engineering - Dimension Data

by Mark Kelly | WIKN Podcasts



This week we’ll be speaking with Barry Wyse the VP Of Engineering at Dimension Data

Barry is the VP Of Engineering at Dimension Data and runs the Cloud Computing Team in Dublin. Barry Graduated from University College Cork and received a Masters from UCD. Barry has worked in a variety of roles from software developer through to VP Of Engineering with Start Up’s, Up Starts and large multinationals such as AOL within Dublin and Silicon Valley.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • An overview of Cloud and Security
  • The importance of travel to broaden your horizons
  • How to create a winning culture
  • The secrets to growing a successful team and building a team with complementary skills referencing Belbins Framework
  • What Barrys Knows Now he wish he knew then
  • What Barry would say to his 18-year-old self and 80-year-old self
  • The importance of a morning ritual to starting your day positively
  • Advice to graduates entering the market
  • How to keep going when you are going through a rough patch and the most important Question Barry asks himself?

mentioned in this episode:

  • Belbins Framework

Hope you enjoy the show.

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