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“Make sure whatever you do, you apply the knowledge.”

If Bob Hooey, Canada’s Idea Man could sit down with his 18-year-old self this morning and offer him one piece of advice, he would tell him to apply the knowledge in everything you do.

Many people will change jobs or even change their entire career at some point in the life, maybe even more than once, but use the skills gained in a previous job and take it to the next.

Changing careers or going to a new job might feel like you are starting out completely new all over again, but you have already gained massive knowledge that you can apply to a new role.

Bob’s advice is to make sure whatever you do in life, such as moving to a new job, that you apply the knowledge you have already gained and take it with you to your next employers.

What advice would you share with your 18-year-old self?


Bob is known as Canada’s “Idea Man.” He has spent the past 29 years in rich leadership in retail, sales, manufacturing, small business entrepreneurship and executive coaching.

Bob’s conversational, humorous, inspirational, professional leadership and keynote style continues to motivate, inspire, and challenge his audiences across North America and the globe.

Stay tuned for Bob’s What I Know Now podcast coming soon.

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