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Welcome to Episode 26 of What I Know Now, the leadership and personal development podcast.

Today’s guest is Chris Flack. Chris is the Founder & CEO of UnPlug, which was launched in 2015 to help people take control of thier technology, rather than technology controlling them. As a result, they are able to have better attention management, increased productivity and higher quality downtime.

As a former tech worker, Chris experienced many of the negative impacts of information overload and witnessed how distraction and an ‘always on’ culture has changed the lives of many people. His vision for UnPlug is to combine his experience, skills and knowledge working with a team of behavioural change experts to develop evidence-based programmes that allow people to engage effectively with technology – maximising the positive benefits, while minimising the negatives.

For the first 15 years of his career, Chris also worked in consultancy and sales where he consistently met annual targets of more than €1m for companies, such as CapGemini and Avnet. A number of career breaks in his corporate life also allowed him to spend four years travelling and worked in not-for-profit organisation’s across four continents.

Chris also has a personal interest in yoga and meditation, having previously lived in India and has seen positive changes in his well-being and focus as a result of his daily practice.

In this interesting interview, we discuss:

  • His inspiration to set up UnPlug and the need to improve our digital well-being
  • How mobile technology has changed culture and our behaviour
  • Technology and social media’s impact on the sense of community
  • Chris’ morning routine to help him stay positive
  • Apps to help you manage your habits
  • His advice on how to get a good sleep
  • What Chris would say to his 18-year-old self



If you want to learn more about UnPlug you can visit their website and you can follow them on Twitter @UnPlugHQ and on Facebook.

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