Welcome to Episode 35 of What I Know Now, the personal development and leadership podcast.

Today’s guest is Dr Ciara Kelly. Ciara is a GP, broadcaster and an award-winning columnist. You probably know her best from RTÉ’s Operation Transformation and her Newstalk Radio show Alive and Kicking.

Ciara graduated with First Class Honours in General Practice from UCD in 1997 and works as a GP in the local family practice in Greystones. She wrote her first article for Sunday Independent in 2008 and after winning a Medical Journalism Award for her debut article, her media career took off from there.

She now hosts the Saturday morning talk show Alive and Kicking on Newstalk Radio. Ciara is also the Medical Expert on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation, which follows the weight loss journey of five people each series who attempt to reshape their lives. The popular show is currently in it’s second series of Celebrity Operation Transformation.

In the podcast, we chat about the following:

  • Ciara’s journey to now
  • How she got involved in the media
  • Believing that you should not be afraid to voice your opinion
  • Where she gets her energy from
  • Advice she would offer to her 18-year-old self
  • What’s coming up in the future for Ciara



If want to find out more about Ciara, you can follow her on Twitter @CiaraKellyDoc

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