I recently met up with Mick Crean the CTO and Co- Founder of MicksGarage.com a European award-winning e-commerce business specialised in selling car parts with offices in Dublin & Barnsley.

The indigenous online retailer is growing at 30 percent annually and expects to achieve €15 million in sales this year.

I had the opportunity to see Mick share his inspiring journey of how MicksGarage.com got started at a recent business conference.

The business was started 13 years ago due to Mick finding himself unemployed after returning home from Australia. Mick embarked on setting up the business after teaching himself how to develop and test software after he read a technology book he purchased.

Later Ciaran Mick’s brother would join MicksGarage.com and from humble beginnings, the business is now a €11-million turnover company employing 50 + people in a 30,000sq ft premises in Dublin’s Park West.

In this mini-episode, I asked Mick What He Knows Now and what advice he would offer his 18-year-old self if he was to go for a coffee with him.

What he would change if he was to go back and start again and why he doesn’t use slides for his presentations.

Interesting fact about Mick: Mick is the CTO of the Company and still spends 50% of his time getting his hands dirty cutting code as he is obsessed with developing & testing software.

I am interested to know what you think about what Mick’s advice to his younger self.

If you had a coffee with your younger self what advice would you offer?

Let me know in the comments box your thoughts.




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