“I have 95% deficit in my vision, but I know where I am going” – Sinead Kane

Today’s guest on What I Know Now is Sinead Kane. Sinead is a qualified solicitor, certified mediator, writer, speaker, elite ultra runner and PhD researcher from Cork. What makes the list of things even more extraordinary is that Sinead is visually impaired with only 5% vision. Sinead became the first registered blind solicitor in 2009 and recently became the first visually impaired athlete and Irish female to complete the World Marathon Challenge, seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

In a wide ranging interview, Sinead speaks about living with a disability, she also opens up about significant bullying as a child and demonstrates that anything is possible however great the odds are stacked against you. Later in the interview, Sinead speaks about growing up as an inactive child, starting running at the age of 30 and then progressing to completing seven marathons in seven days on seven continents for the World Marathon Challenge.

In the interview we discuss:

  • Growing up and attending school as the only child with a disability
  • Bullying and using negative coping mechanisms to deal with it
  • Energy vampires and giving the power to the bullies
  • Choosing to live your life in a positive way irrelevant of your personal circumstances
  • Facing rejection and proving to people that Sinead’s disability wont hold her back.
  • Role models and the importance of meeting a blind judge
  • Standing up for others and why voluntary work is very important to Sinead
  • The sacrifice required to achieve Sinead’s goals, Cork to Dublin everyday for six months
  • Becoming the first blind athlete to complete the World Marathon Challenge
  • Why the day-to-day tasks of navigating through living are more challenging that running a World Marathon Challenge
  • Sinead’s aspirations and goals for the future
  • What Sinead knows now and the advice she would give her younger self



If you would like to follow Sinead you can do so on Twitter @KaneSinead & @blindrunner777 and you can also check out her website www.sineadkane.ie

If you haven’t got time to listen to the entire interview listen to a short clip of how far Sinead was willing to go to gain employment by clicking here

Many thanks to Sinead for coming onto the show and sharing her incredible story.

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