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Welcome to Episode 20 of What I Know Now the Leadership and Personal Development Podcast.
My name is Mark Kelly the founder and host of What I Know Now the Podcast where I share industry leaders insights and learns throughout their career so you can stand on the shoulders of Giants.
Today’s guest is Jim Kirwan. Jim is an Employee Well Being & Inactivity Expert and the Founder of Get America Moving, Jim has recently returned home from the US and is now in the process of getting Ireland moving.
In the wide-ranging podcast interview:
  • Jim shares why he is so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and the day his 47-year-old dad died suddenly from a massive heart attack and why this still drives him today on his mission to get people living a healthy lifestyle.
  • The importance of raising awareness about the dangers of inactivity and the many health benefits of moving throughout the day.
  • Making the move to America and setting up a fitness store outlet & creating Get America Moving
  • Simple Steps for living a healthy lifestyle regardless of your age, weight or current fitness level.
  • How to build meaningful relationships through exercise
  • Jim’s simple tips to improve well-being in your workplace.
  • The slippery slope of aging
  • Jim’s aspirations for the future
  • What Jim knows now and the advice he would give his younger self circa 20 if he was to have a bottle of water with him.

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I really enjoyed spending time with Jim and I believe you will be inspired to take some simple steps to improve your health after listening to Jim’s story.
If you would like to follow Jim you can do so with his Twitter handle @GETAMERICAMOVIN or follow Jim on Linkedin

As always I welcome your comments and feedback of the episode.

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