Welcome to What I Know Now I am your host Mark Kelly.
If you are new to the podcast What I Know Now is a leadership and personal development podcast.
I interview people from all walks of lives from polar explorers, endurance athletes, Heineken Cup winners, performance coaches and New York Times best-selling authors.
I interview my guests about their life journey which takes into consideration their highs and lows and the challenges they faced along the way.
By asking them what they know now I can share their hindsight with you. Another way I ask this question, is if you were to have a coffee with your 18-year-old self what advice would you offer them?
Today’s episode is the 3rd and final part of the Frankie Sheahan 3 part series.
Frankie Sheahan is an ex Munster & Ireland Rugby Player now a successful businessman. Frankie is CEO of Pendulum Summit the no1 Self-empowerment Business Summit in the world.
In today’s podcast episode which was recorded several months ago, Frankie shares what it was like making the transition from professional rugby player to businessman and life after sports. In a wide ranging interview we also discuss:
  • Putting ideas into practice
  • Building the No 1 Business & Self Empowerment Summit
  • How Frankie got Tony Robbins to come and speak in Dublin after years of being politely declined
  • Once Tony was booked, how Frankie and his team got over 7,000 people to attend the conference
  • What Frankie has learned by working with the most successful business leaders in the world
  • Why its okay to be uncompromising and non negotiable as a leader
  • How to put the expert advice on offer into practise
  • Achieving balance in your life
  • Change your goals to musts
  • “Find a way or make a way” the achievement of any goal



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