Welcome to Episode 34 of What I Know Now, the Personal Development and Leadership Podcast.

This week’s guest is Jack Black, owner of MindStore International Limited, International Keynote speaker and performance coach. He is recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on personal development, success mindset and practical mindfulness.

For over 25 years, Jack has taught his MindStore programmes to business leaders, sport stars and top entrepreneurs. His passionate and motivational presentation style moves his audience to make powerful changes in their way of thinking, performance and outcomes. Hundreds of leading companies around the world have all benefited from his tools and techniques.

Originally motivated to find effective methods of managing stress after losing three significant people in his life and later collapsing due to overwork, his research led to him to uncovering the five characteristics of extraordinary performance and success in life. Recognised as a passionate, charismatic and inspirational teacher, Jack is committed to sharing the very best tools and techniques for Personal Development, Meditation and Mindfulness for improving every aspect of life.

Jack is also founder director of the Entrepreneurial Exchange and was previously nominated by the Scotsman newspaper as one of the top individuals to shape the country. Jack has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes, and regularly features in magazines and national newspapers. He continues to create unique solutions for his in-house clients and presents public courses in Glasgow, London and Dublin.

In Jack’s fascinating podcast, we discuss:

  • Jack’s journey to now
  • What made him want to learn more about managing stress
  • How Positive thinking can help turn your life around
  • Improving results one of the worst schools in the UK
  • A simple tool that can help you manage stress
  • The need to rise above the negativity around you
  • What advice Jack would give to his 18-year-old self



If you want to find out more about Jack, you can check out his website www.mindstore.com, while you can also give him a follow on Twitter @jack_mindstore and Facebook.

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