Welcome to Part 1 of the 3 part Frankie Sheahan What I Know Interview Interview. For those that don’t know What I Know Now, its a leadership and personal development podcast / video show. I interview guests from all walks of life about their journey to now, the highs the lows, the obstacles they overcame and the advice they would offer to their 18 year old self. My goal is to share hindsight so you can achieve your goal sooner. If you were to have a coffee with your younger self What advice would you offer your younger self?
Frankie Sheahan retired as an international professional rugby player with Ireland in 2009. He then set up Front Row Speakers which is now the fastest growing speakers bureau in Ireland and the UK. Frankie’s passion for business, personal development, maximising potential and leadership sparked the idea of The Pendulum Summit – the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit. Frankie and his team bring together the world’s leading speakers from the business, leadership, personal development and mindfulness sphere. It featured 6 of the world’s greatest speakers on the globe to present including Lisa Nichols, Dr. John Demartini and America’s #1 success coach, Jack Canfield.
In the interview we discuss:
  • Frankie’s early life, leaving his birthplace of Canada and returning to his family’s native Cork
  • Frankie’s aptitude for business helping his father an auctioneer by trade sell a house at the age of 16
  • How Frankie organised 5,000 students a week to attend weekly discos in his and Father’s business
  • Frankie’s dream coming true after being offered a part-time contract to be a professional rugby player
  • The importance of having 15 leaders on the field and how accountability was an important foundation of Munster Success
  • How an awkward video analysis, turned into a heated discussion between Paul O’Connell and the Munster coaching team would prove to be an important milestone on the road to winning the Heineken Cup
  • The importance of feedback
  • Frankie’s very favorite questions (it’s a very good one!)

What you will learn

  • The importance of accountability and leadership to achieving success
  • Why feedback matters to achieving your goals
  • Making the transition from successful sports star to businessman

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