An Interview With Ade McCormack

by Mark Kelly | WIKN Podcasts

About Ade

Near futurist, digital strategist, author and keynote speaker

Ade is a former technologist, who today is focused on helping individuals and organisations thrive in the digital age. In more recent years, his focus has taken a more strategic / macroeconomic / future-oriented perspective. Thus, he has a forward-thinking, ‘bits to boardroom’, grasp of what is happening in the market, and of how his clients can capitalise on the changes taking place.

Ade is known for his thought-provoking perspectives, and his ability to communicate in a clear, engaging and entertaining manner. This makes him a much sought-after public speaker across the world.

His zoom-out perspectives on the drivers behind today’s market realities enable both leaders and their people to deeply understand the actions they need to take to remain economically relevant.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • Ade’s journey
  • The Future of work and the changing nature of job security
  • The Education system and why it’s not fit for purpose
  • How to survive and thrive in the digital economy
  • The CIO V CDO debate
  • Internet of Things and how General Electric has made the leap from Product Company to Software Company
  • Sweating the Data through IOT & Telematics and why the companies that have the best data scientists will win
  • Ade’s new book Attention Dynamics and the importance of managing our attention
  • Ade’s favourite books
  • Why Ade wouldn’t speak with his 18 or 80-year-old self if he had the chance
  • The Future of Media Advertising Facebook vs TV
  • “Disrupt or be disrupted” Ade McCormack

Mentioned in this podcast

I trust you will find this podcast as interesting and beneficial as I did.Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments box. Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments box



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