An Interview Sean Blanchfield

by Mark Kelly | WIKN Podcasts

About Sean Blanchfield

An Interview Sean Blanchfield

Sean Blanchfield CEO and co-founder of PageFair

Sean Blanchfield is CEO and co-founder of PageFair, the company at the forefront of the digital adblocking debate. He co-founded his first business, Phorest, while still an undergrad at Trinity College Dublin, exiting in an MBO 2 years later. In 2003, he dropped out of a PhD focused on private peer-to-peer networking to co-found DemonWare.

DemonWare created peer-to-peer networking technology and cloud infrastructure for Xbox and Playstation games, and helped drive the mainstream popularization of multiplayer video gaming until its acquisition by Activision Blizzard in 2007. As CTO, Sean architected the online technology that powers some of the world’s most successful video games franchises, including as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and over 100 other titles. DemonWare continues to employ hundreds of world class engineers in three continents, and is used by millions of gamers every day.

In 2010 Sean and team witnessed first-hand the damage caused by ad blocking on their network of games websites. By 2012 they had launched PageFair to develop a sustainable publisher-focused solution to growing adblock adoption. Today, PageFair has been integrated on over 5000 websites, and is used by many leading international publishing brands.

Sean is a well-known figure in Irish technology, and is a frequent speaker, panellist, columnist, and occasional mentor and investor.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • Sean’s journey from Trinity student, co-founding his future business Phorest, the huge success of Demonware and what it was like working on one of the biggest selling games of all time Call Of Duty.
  • The importance of friendships with ambitious people to making the most of your life
  • The rise of and Future of adblocking and the introduction of the “Blocked Web”
  • PageFair’s quest to preserve Journalism
  • Sean’s decision-making process and how an intervention by a friend in Vancouver and the introduction of David Allen’s Getting Things Done dramatically changed Sean’s life for the better
  • Sean’s favourite tool
  • The impact a failed business had on Sean and his colleague Brian and what they learned from that experience
  • Sean explain’s why you don’t have that many shots to get your business right & Sean shares how he and his colleagues chose one PageFair from 50 good ones over the space of 12 months
  • Advice Sean offers to Technology Start-up founders
  • The Future of Cybersecurity
  • What Sean Know’s Now that he wish he knew then

I trust you will find this podcast as interesting and beneficial as I did.Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments box. Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments box



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