Welcome to Episode 21 of What I Know Now the Leadership and Personal Development Video Show / Podcast.

My name is Mark Kelly the founder and host of What I Know Now the Podcast where I share industry leaders insights and learns throughout their career so you can stand on the shoulders of Giants.
Today’s guest is James Sweetman. James Sweetman is a powerful voice in the field of personal development. A gifted motivational and keynote speaker he regularly delivers insightful talks and workshops in Ireland and overseas. He’s a well-respected and established Executive and Life Coach, Soft Skills Trainer and Writer. He’s written five books, including two novels and has monthly columns in several magazines. Themes at the heart of James’s work include Authentic Leadership, Confidence and Living your Best Life. ‘Inspirational,’ ‘thought-provoking,’ ‘humourous,’ and ‘practical’ are words frequently used by audiences to describe their experience of listening to and working with James.


In this particular episode, I speak with James and get his advice about building confidence, managing fear, interview skills, authentic leadership, wellness and THINK time.

Please enjoy (and reflect on) this wide-ranging conversation with James Sweetman.

If you would like to follow James you can do so via his website www.jamessweetman.com

James Twitter handles, @JamesSweetman

James Facebook Page by clicking here 

Many thanks to James for coming onto the show and sharing his story

Thanks for listening!

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