Welcome to episode 32 of What I Know Now, the personal development and leadership podcast.

This week’s guest is Jim McCarthy. Jim has 20 years experience working in Silicon Valley helping companies transform dysfunctional teams into peak performance teams to become more focused, innovative and successful.

Jim has also worked as an English teacher in Frankfurt, a business journalist in Madrid, a phone salesman in the San Francisco Bay Area and a McKinsey consultant in Munich. He earned an MBA in Marketing and International Business at Stanford University in 1996. He gained priceless operational and leadership experience at pioneering Internet companies such as Yahoo, NextTag, BlueLithium and Drawbridge. He hired countless people to develop, launch and sustain innovative products globally.

In Febraury 2013, Jim was diagnosed with cancer and this experience forced him to face his mortality and think hard about what he wanted his legacy to be. He believes everyone should live as if they had cancer and enjoy abundant pleasure, purpose and peace in their careers and their lives. Jim is grateful that his health these days seems to be good.

Today, he shares what has learned with organisations of all sizes through interactive keynote speeches, workshops and customized training programs. Those who seen him give his inspiration talks take away practical strategies, scientifically proven insights and action plans to achieve peak performance for their teams.

In this really inspiring episode with Jim, we discuss:

  • His journey to now
  • How to lead high performance teams
  • The importance of clear and fluent communication
  • Giving Feedback
  • How battling cancer change his outlook
  • Bringing happiness into your life through positive thinking
  • What advice Jim would offer to his 18-year-old self



To learn more about Jim McCarthy you can visit his website www.jimmccarthy.com, while you can also follow him on Twitter @JimMcCarthyMBA and on his Facebook page.

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