Welcome to Episode 11 of What I Know Now the Business, Leadership and Personal Development Podcast.
My name is Mark Kelly the founder and host of What I Know Now the Podcast where I share industry leaders insights and learns throughout their career so you can stand on the shoulders of Giants.
Today’s guest is Pat Falvey. Pat Falvey is an explorer, adventurer, author, one of the most sought out inspirational speakers in the world and successful entrepreneur.

There are a few people in this world who have become a millionaire by 21 only to lose everything by 29 and then go on to climb the 7 summits Twice.

Pat Falvey makes things happen and has a life you would find on a movie reel.

I met up with Pat recently and it was no ordinary interview. I was so impressed I have turned the interview into a 4 part series.

Pat a long with travelling the world and scaling the highest summits in the world, Pat has lived and worked with 32 tribes around the world and met some of the most incredible people in the planet.

So when we finally had the chance to sit down for a conversation on What I know Now I couldn’t wait to get into his mind and learn what he knows now and share it with you.

Pat is a true adventurer, and his mindset and belief to DREAM BIG have shown others what’s possible when you believe in something that hasn’t been achieved yet.

If you’re a big dreamer, get excited to expand your mind as you listen to Episode 11 with the 7 summits climber Pat Falvey.

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What you will learn in this episode:

In the next 4 episodes I will share Pats remarkable journey with you from the highs of becoming a millionaire, losing it all, living and working with 32 tribes around the world.
For the last 30 years Pat has lived in a tent for 7 months of the year within the desert, glacier & jungles of the world.
– Pat starting his first business at 6 and what that thought him for later life
– The importance of Pat’s grandmother in shaping his belief and mindset
– The Importance of goal setting and dreaming big
– Creating your own destiny and Pat’s unwavering belief that he would be become a millionaire
– What Pat learned from living and working with 32 tribes around the world and overcoming adversity
– The importance of goals, dreaming big and the secret of life.
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Dream Big, You have the Power!!

Stay tuned for Episode 2 of the 4 part series

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