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Welcome to Episode 13This is the final part of the three part Pat Falvey Trilogy and it is an incredibly powerful episode of the podcast.

Pat Falvey is an Explorer, Entrepreneur, Author, Film maker & one of the worlds most sought out inspirational speaker. Pat’s life read’s life a movie script. Pat left school at 16 to become a millionaire. For the first two years working as a brick layer that dream didn’t look like it was going to come true until a conversation with Pat’s Dad gave him the confidence to dream big and congruently follow his dream.

By the age of 21 Pat had become a multi millionaire only to loose it some years later. Pat became depressed and his life spiralled out of control, nearly taking his own life. A chance encounter out hill walking with his friends would prove to be faithful and act as the catalyst to getting Pat back on track. Pat would be addicted to the free drug Dopamine and through regular hill walking would use endorphin’s to kick depression to touch. Moving from a “work a holic” to a “walk a holic” Pat set his sights on climbing Everest and his exploration adventure had begun. Pat would go onto climb the 7 summits twice, live and work with 32 ancient tribes around the world in the search of knowledge and the meaning of life. Pat continues to explore,leading expeditions around the world, whilst writing, making films and presenting to packed conferences sharing his inspirational stories.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Having a vision and why success leaves clues
  • Mentors who had an impact on Pat during the early years
  • Finding mentors to help you realise your vision and how Pat became a multi millionaire
  • Pat explains what is required to go to Everest
  • The steps involved to achieve any goal
  • Turning the inner and outer critic into an inner coach
  • The feeling of reaching the top of Everest
  • The principle of Recruiting the right people for your team
  • How choosing the right person for Pat’s expedition saved his life
  • Creating a legacy and the importance of sharing Pat’s knowledge
  • What Pat Knows Now
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