Pat Falvey’s life read’s like a movie script, multimillionaire by the age of 21, only to lose his financial wealth a few years later and nearly his own life. A chance encounter out hill walking would prove to be a catalyst to Pat becoming the first person in the world to complete the 7 summits twice, including Mount Everest from the north and south sides. Pat would also go on to live and work with 32 ancient tribes around the world searching for life’s meaning. I found Pat’s story to be remarkable, I guessed he would have a lot of advice to offer so I reached out to him to be a guest on What I Know Now.

Pat said yes and I went down to Killarney to meet him for the podcast.

Pat came out and collected me at the train station and we filmed the podcast in his house over looking the Kerry mountains. In a wide-ranging interview, Pat shares his early years growing up in Cork’s North side to reaching the top of Everest and touching the South Pole. Pat gives a humorous and honest account of the secret to goal setting, creating wealth, resilience, the importance of mentors and dreaming big. Pat also shares what he knows now and the advice he would give to his younger self.

Pat’s achievements are remarkable and I believe there is 7 key learns to take away from the podcast interview.

7 learns from interviewing Pat:

  1. You need to start with a vision and dream of what you want to achieve. The vision and dream are the guiding North star for everything you do so invest heavily into crafting your vision.
  2. Successful people have mentors to guide them on their way. Success leaves clues, Pat understood that if he was to become a successful person whether that be in property or exploring he needed to learn from the best. Pat created a network of successful people to guide and mentor him to achieving success.
  3. Successful people will help passionate people. Pat thought me that if you are passionate and willing to put the advice into action you will have access to successful people.
  4. You Have The Power. Pat believed in himself and this gave confidence to others that Pat could achieve his goals. You need to feed your mind every day to build belief and by surrounding yourself with people that empower you.
  5. Preparation is key to achievement. Pat is meticulous in his preparation for his explorations and understands the risks that are involved. Through detailed preparation, he minimizes risk as he understands as much as possible the probability of an event occurring. The level of detail that goes into every moment while on an exploration was a major learn. Pat has applied that to his personal and business life.
  6. Once you achieve your goal you must have another goal to work towards. Once Pat achieved his millionaire status he found himself becoming depressed. Everything he thought he wanted in his life had become a reality, but it didn’t bring him happiness. Pat now regularly ask himself the question What’s Next?
  7. You must be willing to pay the price to achieve your dream.The majority of people don’t achieve their dreams or their goals as they are not willing to pay the price. Pat sacrificed a lot to achieve his goals, living in a tent for 7 months out of the year for 20 years would be a step too far for most people but for Pat, this was all part of the course.

After meeting Pat I have a different mindset when it comes to goal setting. Once I have written down my goal, I ask myself two questions:

  1. How badly do I want it?
  2. Am I willing to pay the sacrifice required to achieve that goal?

I like answering these questions as I make a decision whether or not I am going to embark on trying to achieving that goal on the basis of what’s required to do it.

The podcast interviews can be found by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Do you agree with my takeaways from interviewing Pat?

When you are setting out your goals do you think there is a recipe for success?

I would be interested in your thoughts.


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