“All I want to do is go the distance.” This line from the 1976 film Rocky changed Owen Fitzpatrick’s outlook on life, as he overcame his battle with depression to become a world-renowned psychologist and speaker.

After starting out in psychology and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) at the very young age of 17, several amazing opportunities would come Owen’s way. He set-up the Irish Institute of NLP with Brian Colbert in 2001, he has worked with Dr Richard Bandler in co-writing several books and has shared the stage with Richard Branson and Jean Claude van Damme, just to name a few.

Owen has trained people in 28 countries and has worked with more than 10,000 people with issues, ranging from mental health, stress, time management and performance issues. Owen has overcome battling depression himself and now travels around the world delivering training and talks to inspire others on how they overcome personal struggles and live a better lifestyle.

You can listen to my full podcast with Owen Fitzpatrick at this link.

Owen delivers a wealth of advice in this brilliant interview. Here are some of the important key learns to take away from listening to Owen’s podcast:

1. You can get through it. Owen discusses how he went through depression and suicidal thoughts as a teenager and and he revealed how one night when the film Rocky came on, one line from it made a huge difference to him. He began reading into personal development, psychology and NLP to help improve his life. There are many resources out to help people overcome mental health issues. Owen is proof that things can get better when you reach out for the help you need and you can come out the other side as a much stronger person.

2. Move outside your comfort zones. Owen explains how he loves nothing more than an challenge and to put himself outside his comfort zones, such as his Tedx talk. Once he accomplishes a goal, he moves onto the next one because he wants to keep challenging himself, learn new things and it makes him stronger a result. Taking on a new skill will be tough at first but this is exactly what Owen wants you to do. Put yourself outside your comfort zones and when you achieve your goals, you will feel better about yourself.

3. Practice makes perfect. When you take on new challenge, you are not going to be perfect right away. When Owen writes his books or short films, he wants everyone to be better than the last and when he thinks back and says “I could have made it better”, that is a learning curve. New challenges will be tough at first but stick with it and learn from your mistakes. From writing a book, learning a sport or what ever is it, practice makes perfect.

4. Be Yourself. Not everyone is going to like you or what you do, but the important thing if for you to be yourself and not live your life by other people. Owen mentions because he can be sensitive, he has cared too much about what other people thought about him. However, he learned that you cannot live in fear and live your life to other people’s expectations. There will always be people who who will post a negative comment on social media or take a dislike to you for whatever reason, but as long as you are happy with who you are and what you are doing, then nothing else matters.

5. “Go the Distance”. You can have amazing moments in life like the holidays, the relationships etc, but life also has its hard times. Nearly everyone will go through tough times whether it is a breakup, a death in the family or a job loss but things will get better. Even in the worst of times just remember, you can get through it. Don’t waste time worrying about things you cannot control and appreciate the things that you do have. Go out and enjoy life the best you can.

Do you agree with my take aways from Owen’s interview? Let me know what you think of Owen’s podcast and what you learned from it by leaving a comment blow.

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