Disrupt HR Dublin

Tired of the same old approach to Human Resources?

Ready to start talking about talent in a whole new way?

…DisruptHR is for you!


DisruptHR Dublin is designed to inform and empower business leaders, human resource professionals, and anyone who is passionate about talent.

12 presenters (Disruptors), 5 minutes each, with 20 slides that auto-rotate every 15 seconds.

We’re taking the brilliance of TED Talks, adding a pinch of energy from Ignite events, finishing it with a dash of talent and serving it up in five-minute bite-sized pieces.

DisruptHR Dublin believes that the way employers have approached people and talent in the past, will not be how it is done in the future. This event aims to shake things up, challenge attendees to think differently and inspire them to make changes in their organisations.


HR professionals, technologists, business or community leaders with something different to say about talent, culture or technology. DisruptHR Dublin wants speakers to share their passion and curiosity and teach the audience something that has a social or professional impact.

An exciting line-up of speakers has been assembled. The topics will be deliberately thought provoking, given that the main objective is to challenge the established thinking and generate reflection and change.

The 2017 Disruptors are:


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