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I had the amazing experience of standing on the stage at TEDx Tallaght last month to share my message with you on How One Random Act of Kindness a day can Change your Life.

Just over a year ago, I set up the What I Know Now podcast to share inspirational stories from interviewing people from all walks of life to help others learn and grow from their experiences and achieve their goals sooner.

What I learned during this time was the inspiration for my TEDx talk as I hope to inspire you to try one random act of kindness a day and just see how much better you feel afterwards.

When you do a good deed for someone, the hormone oxytocin is released that drops your blood pressure, reduces anxiety and gets the blood circulating through the body to make you feel better.

I came across this unexpectedly one day when I bought a homeless man a coffee and I felt so good after it. I try to do one good deed a day ever since and it has made a massive impact on my life.

There are also studies to show that random acts of kindness can even make you live longer. I hope that my TEDx talk inspires you to make one small change a day that will change your life and possibly the world we live in.

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