On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I share 10 daily practices that I have learned that can have a big impact on your happiness.

By trying these ten simple steps every day, you will notice a big impact in your happiness and you will find yourself becoming more confident.

1. Water – Drink around two litres of water a day

2. Meditate – Meditation helps bring you into the moment and relieves stress.

3. Sleep – Try to get seven hours and six minutes of sleep a night.

4. Exercise – Exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes a day

5. Learning – Learn something new every day to boost your self-esteem

6. Teach – When you teach someone not only do you help them, it gives you a lift as well.

7. Positive Words – Thinking positively and saying positive words makes you feel better

8. Get a Hobby – Helps you to put your passion into something new and different

9. Be Selfless – Do a good deed a day

10. Unplug – Unplug from social media and stop comparing yourself to other people

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