Everyday you are not going to wake up and want to crush it and seize the day. You might feel like staying in bed and go back to sleep.

For days like these, I offer this piece of advice. Get up and do bite size chunks. Little things like the following will help create momemtum and it will get you going. All you need on those days is a spark!!

  • Don’t feel like going to the gym, exercise for 2 minutes, get the blood flowing.
  • Dont feel like cleaning the house, clean a small section of the house like the kitchen counter.
  • Dont feel like smiling, force yourself to smile and fake it for 30 seconds.

However the best piece of advice I would offer is this. Set the focus on trying to do one deed that will make another person feel good. That will be a Game Changer!!

The feeling you generate from doing a good deed releases oxytocin which in turn, lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety and makes you feel better which will make you look better and feel good.

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