On today’s epsiode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer some key pieces of advice to people considering a career change and how to put that plan into action.

Some people tend to get caught up in what other people expect of them and end up doing a job they don’t really like. Here are some points I have learned from over a decade in the recruitment industry to help you make that change.

You must be prepared to learn and push yourself outside your comfort zones. You will be leaving a career you have become successful at but now you are starting out completely new again. Every day will now be like a school day.

The second thing is to have the energy and determination to succeed and be able to overcome any challenges you face along the way. The final thing is to have faith in yourself.

To make sure you are making the right decision, try to find a successful person in the area you want to move into and talk to them, maybe get the chance to shadow them. Find out if it really is what you want, before you commit.

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