On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I share one piece of advice that will help you accelerate your goals, have more fun and be more passionate in everything you do.

That one piece of advice is to change your mindset. Be open to feedback and be willing to to work with other people who compliment your skills.

You should not feel like to have to achieve your goals all by yourself and try not to get fixated on feeling like you need to know every answer. If you’re the smartest person in the room, get out of there.

You will accelerate your goals by being open to being helped and seeking advice from others. The most successul people all had mentors and a helping hand to get to where they are.

Change your mindset. Become more open to receiving feedback and seek help from others. When you do this, you will have purposeful outcomes and you will be able to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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