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In this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer you one piece of advice that will make you feel better, improve your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

This one thing that I want you to try out every day and step outside your comfort zone is to just ask for something you normally wouldn’t ask for.

If you are booking into a hotel, ask to see if you can upgrade to a better room. When getting on the airplane, ask to see if you can sit up the front. Whatever it is, just ask and see what happens.

From interviewing people from all walks of life on the podcast, one thing they all did was ask. They asked for time, help, support and resources on their way to achieving success.

You won’t achieve results if don’t chance your arm and do things you normally would not do. Every time you ask, you step outside your comfort zone which in turn gives you an endorphin rush to make you feel better

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