On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I share with you three practicle examples you need when wanting to deliver a successful Elevator Pitch.

The Elevator pitch is a brief and persuasive speech to spark interest with the person you are pitching to about you or what your organisation does. It should last no longer than a short elevator journey, hence the name.

So within 20-30 seconds, you need to sell the person your idea. The first thing you need to do is to tell the person what you do and what is in it for them.

It also needs to be clear and brief. You will want to grab their interest within the first eight seconds, so make it interesting and get straight to the point.

The final thing you need is to memorise your pitch but change it up depending on the person you meet. If they person decides to invest and follow up with you, then you have succeeded with your elevator pitch.

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