In this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer some simple tips can can help you take action on days where you would rather stay in bed.

Everyone at some point or another have those days where you don’t necessarily feel up to it and would rather stay in bed all day. Here are five tips that I have learned to help you want to get up and take action.

Set a to-do list before you go to bed the night before of things you would like to do the next day. Make sure one of them is to help someone. Commit to at least this one and you won’t want to let them down.

Have an alarm clock to make yourself get up early and try to get outside for five minutes for some exercise to keep active. Even having a shower or making breakfast can help you feel good.

The final tip is to write a journal every day about how you feel and what your are grateful for. If done consistently, these steps will make things that little bit easier and will help you feel better and better.

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