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You have made the decision to open your network, but what is the next step? On today’s Mark’s Daily Discoveries I offer some pieces of advice to help you grow your network.

If you are in work, put your name forward to work on different projects within the company. This is a great way to meet new people in other departments and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

In your local area, you might join a committee such as Tidy Towns or Neighbourhood Watch. The third thing you can do is to volunteer to do some charity work and help other people out.

Search what you are interested in on Eventbrite or MeetUp and go to an event to meet people who share your interests. The final thing is to get involved in a federation that gives you energy.

Decide what works best for you, but make sure to choose something that you are passionate about and what gives you energy. This is the next step towards developing meaningful relationships.

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