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On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer you advice on why investing in a coach will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Find a coach who can help you with financial problems, with your fitness, business, relationships etc. Whatever it is, a coach will give you the push you need to go achieve your goals.

If you get a good coach, they will have your back and won’t have any hidden agenda. They invest in you, focus on your development areas and play to your strengths.

Try to find a coach who is successful in an area you want to get into. They will also tell you how it really is and will have those important conversations with you to help work on your blind spots.

I have had a massive impact on my coaches and the only thing I regret is not investing sooner. I guarantee that when you reach out to a coach, even they had a coach to help them get to where they are.

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