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How many times have you had the opportunity to succeed, but didn’t because you didn’t ask for help? In this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I want to tell you about a mastermind group.

I have learned that it is very difficult to achieve your goals on your own and it is also massively time-consuming as well. A better approach is to join what is known as a Mastermind group.

This is where a group of people come together once a month with the goal to help you achieve your targets. They use a collective identity to help you stand on the shoulders of giants.

One massive benefit is that you when you come together and you show what progress you have made towards your goals, the group offer their advice and challenge you to do better.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, grow your network and build meaningful relationships. The people have one goal to help you achieve your goals faster and make the journey more enjoyable.

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