On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I share with you five examples that I have learned to overcome those moments of doubt in your life.

Everyone will have those moments of doubt where you lack confidence, you are trying something new and stepping outside of your comfort zones. Here are five steps to help you overcome these feelings.

The first thing to do it is nip it in the bud. If doubt starts to creep in, shut it down straight away. It also helps to share your thoughts with other people. You will feel better when you get it off your chest.

The third piece of advice is to create a positive list. Every morning write out three positive things that happened the day before. Look back on them in moments of doubt to remember all the positive things you have done.

The fourth point is to look at what you are doing and think on how you can improve. Use it as a tool to try to become better at whatever it is you are concerned about doing.

The final point is to keep a journal. Get all your ideas and thoughts out of your head and write them out on paper. These five steps will help you avoid letting that doubt take control of you.

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