Everybody procrasintates about one thing or another nearly every day so on this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I share three tips to help overcome procrasintation.

We like to focus on things that we are passionate about and give us energy, rather than doing tasks such as painting the bedroom, doing the washing up, putting out the bins etc.

There are things we will try to put off  all the time, but it is about having the right mindset to do them. Use the following three steps to help to stop delaying things and overcome procrastination.

The first tip is to stop saying “it has to be done” and rather decide that you want to do it. If you choose to do these rather then having to do them, it can give you energy to want to do these tasks.

The second piece of advice is to put it in the calendar and have a timeframe to do these tasks. The final point is to have a deadline. Devilver the outcome you want within a specific time frame.

As mentioned in the epsiode, you can check out Tim Urban’s TED talk “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” at this link.

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