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On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer advice on how you can lead with positive thoughts to boost your self-confidence and achieve success.

Everyone can have those negative thoughts that can put us own a downer. Shane Cradock describes it as the “Gollum voice” that tells us “you’re not good enough”. However, there are two things you can do to change this.

When a negative thought comes into your head, shout out and tell it to get lost. When you tell these negative thoughts to back off the minute they come, it trains your brain into a response to get rid of it.

The second thing is to be careful of the words you use. Instead of saying “I’m grand” or “Not too bad, use more positive upbeat phrases like saying “I’m fantastic” or “I am feeling great.”

If you start to choose more empowering words, stand up straighter and even smile more, you will start to feel more positive in yourself. Try it out for 10 days and it will start to become a reoccurring habit.

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