On today’s episode of Mark Daily Discovieres, I share with you how doing random acts of kindness every day can help you feel great about yourself.

Do one good deed for somebody else every day, such as buying a friend a coffee or bring your neighbour’s dog for a walk and not only will you make them feel better, it makes you feel good about yourself too.

When you do a good deed it triggers a response in your brain that releases a hormone to give you a good feeling. It helps lowers your blood pressure, gets the blood circulating and can even make you live longer.

If you do one random act of kindness for someone every day not only will you feel better, people will also think you are really sound and you become a person that others want to be around.

Try doing a good deed for someone else every day for the next ten days and I gaurentee you will start to feel much better. Go above and beyond to help someone out.

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