On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I am going to share with you three principles to help you easily remember somebody’s name when you meet up with them.

Do you ever have a moment where you meet someone you have met before, but cannot remember what their name is? Here are three tips to help you remember so this does not happen again.

The first is repeat, repeat, repeat. When they introduce themself, keep adding their name to your conversation eg. “Nice to meet you Bob”, “What do you do for a living Bob?” etc.

The second tip is to associate them with their profession. Let’s say Bob tells you he is a builder, remember him as “Bob the builder”. When you link their name and profession together, it’s easy to recall.

The final tip is visualise who they remind you of. Tell him they look like someone famous and fix that image in your brain. These are simple tips to try out and help you remember their name the next time you meet up together.

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