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In this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I invite you to come along to the next What I Know Now event and learn how to rebuild your self-esteem.

Just over a year ago, I set up the What I Know Now podcast and got the chance to meet amazing meeting from all walks of life, asking them what do they know now that they wish they knew before.

Just a few days ago, I held the first What I Know Now networking event where I brought my guests and listeners together. I also hosted my very first live podcast and it was a huge success.

This was just an idea I had and did not know what to expect, but I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and went for it. If you have an idea but are low on confidence and belief, then I believe I have the thing for you.

Come along to the next event on Thursday 26 October and listen to the experts on how to rebuild your self-esteem, get your mojo back and start to realise your dreams.

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