In this episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I am going to share with you five steps to help create a morning ritual which will help you gain loads of energy and become more productive.

The first step is to do a priming exercise. This involves writing out three positive things that happened the day before, what you are grateful for in life and writing out your goals with the outcomes you want to achieve.

The second part of your morning ritual is to drink at least one litre of water. It is important to stay hyrated to keep you focused, which is why you should drink around 2-3 litres per day.

The next two steps include five minutes of exercise – which will likely turn into 20 minutes – to get the blood circulating and you should also try to read to learn something new.

The final piece of advice for your morning routine is to schedule your day. Have a list of things you want to do and tick them off as you go to keep the endorphins kicking in.

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