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On today’s episode of Mark’s Daily Discoveries, I offer you advice on why you need to stop being concerned of the narrative other people have for you and write your own story.

You have to be really careful of the stories you tell yourself but also be aware of those people, even as family and friends, who already have a narrative of who you are and what you should do.

Just remember that you can re-write your story at any given time. You should not stop yourself from being the person you want to be just because you are fearful of what other’s might think.

The reality is is that those people that you think are thinking about you, are not even thinking about you. If you create your own story, it is up to them to get over the narrative they chose for you.

Once you work towards your goal of who you want to be, everything will start to align because you will develop a new circle. Don’t be concerned about other people and start to live a more congruent life.

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