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I recently spoke at the HRDISRUPT Conference which took place on Thursday 5th October at the NDRC about what I have learned that “Mindset Trumps Talent.”

I spoke about how mindset trumps talent and how having a constructive feedback session with those around you proves to be a valuable process of discovering what makes people tick and what doesn’t.

Referring to Carol Dweck’s book, I discussed how people can either have a fixed or growth mindset, which determines whether or not you reach your potential.

Read more about my DisruptHR talk on how “Mindset Trumps Talent” at this link.

The What I Know Inspire Series starts with “Achieve. Succeed. Enhancing your Ability to Succeed” on Wednesday 22 November at Wynns Hotel, Abbey Street Lower in Dublin’s City Centre.

Grab your early bird tickets for just €30 at this link to join me, Shane Cradock, Pat Slattery and guests for an evening to remember. Regular price €40.</stro


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