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This time the tables are turned as Pat Falvey interviews me at last month’s What I Know Now’s 1 Year Anniversary in Trinity College Dublin.

I set up the podcast just over a year ago so I could meet successful people from all walks of life and share their insights and experience for you to learn and grow from. I have achieved success as a successful man in recruitment, but I didn’t know very much about setting up a podcast.

Over the past year, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with many inspiring people, such as New York Times bestselling authors, polar explorers and elite athletes to name just a few. I set up the podcast to shares their advice with you so you can achieve your goals sooner and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Last month, I hosted the very first What I Know Now event to bring some of my guests and listeners together for what was a very successful evening.  On the night, Pat Falvey got the chance to grill me on why I set up the podcast, the best pieces of advice I have learned from guests and much more.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The first time I met Pat
  • Why I set up the podcast
  • Forgetting to press record in a 3-hour interview
  • Learning that people are open to help you if you ask
  • The need to be open to feedback
  • Some of the best pieces of advice I have learned from guests



I want to thank all my guests and those who came along on the evening to make the first What I Know Now networking event a huge success and I look forward to doing it all again in the near future.

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