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In a new feature to What I Know Now, I want to share with you some of the best stories I have come across in the past couple of weeks of people taking part in Random Acts of Kindness.

In October 2017, I delivered a TEDx talk on how one random act of kindness a day can change your life. Not only will one small act of kindness a day make you feel better, it can also possibly change the world we live in.

Now it is my mission to share this TEDx talk with the world and hopefully inspire people to come together and collectively do 10,000 acts of kindness in the coming months.

In the first part of what I hope to be many acts of kindness in the coming months, I want to share one story that happened to me and my 4-year-old son recently.

“My son was feeling under the weather so we were in Temple Street from 6pm till late, thankfully everything was perfectly fine and there was nothing to worry about. At around 9:50pm just before the shop on the corner closed, we went into the shop to buy some groceries and I got him a Peppa Pig Book. I went to pay for the items but after a few seconds to my dread, I realised I left my wallet at home. I had to take the Peppa Pig Book of my son and I said I need to put it back. His tired eyes looked back at me and I was feeling really bad, like a total failure bad. The cashier about 17 years of age and he said don’t worry I will buy this for you, took the money from his wallet and paid for the groceries. I couldn’t convince him not to do it and I am genuinely really taken back by his kind deed and grateful for it, as in the moment I needed that book. His kind deed made a real difference. I think sometimes these small but meaningful deeds by people don’t get acknowledged and other negative aspects of society get amplified. One thing is for sure I am going to pay this forward and spread the word.”

I want to really share the message with as many people as possible and I am delighted to see it is already spreading. Niamh Madden of Konnect Again shared this story of her Dad’s trip to the National Gallery.

“My father in law told me a story yesterday about a trip to the National Gallery with his friends. His friend Tom found a poster he liked in the Gallery shop, and the girl at the till said she would give him a few Euro off it because it was slightly creased at the edge. So instead of €12, he paid €10.80. In the end, he gave her €15 and told her to keep the change.”

Finally, I want to share a really funny story from last week’s podcast What I Know Now guest Bob Lee as his random act of kindness did not go quite as smoothly as he would have hoped.

“I felt great as I hurried to my car, parked some distance away. Mark was right, I thought. I really DID feel good about myself. I’d be exaggerating if I told you that I skipped to my car, parked some distance away, but I certainly had a pep in my step. Life was good! As I turned into the road where I’d parked my car, a clampers’ van drove past me. “They’ve just gone and ruined some poor motorist,” I thought. MY DAY! THAT’S MY CAR! CLAMPED! “That can’t be right – I paid for an hour and I was only gone for ……….. damn. I was gone for about 90 minutes. Helping that old guy.” That’s when the bad thoughts about Mark hit me, cursing him to attempt anatomically impossible feats with his ‘do-good’ philosophy and his karma guff.” Read Bob’s full story here.

If you come across a random act of kindness, I would love to hear from you. To have your story featured in next week’s post, please share your story with me on LinkedIn, email me at mark@wikn.co or post a comment below.


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